Doctors Care Associates, LLC
Telemedicine Information and Rules

Televisits are formal visits that are provided over a secure internet HIPPA compliant platform. These visits are used for minor illness and follow up management. The following rules apply to the usage of Televisits at Doctors Care Associates, LLC.

1.) Televisits are not to be used for any emergencies.
2.) Televisits require the completion of vital signs and a questionnaire.
3.) If your symptoms are not found on our online questionnaire, then you do not qualify for a Televisit, because your issue most likely requires an adequate exam that cannot be done over a Televisit. Your safety is our highest priority.
4.) Televisits are not appropriate for complicated medical issues.
5.) We will not treat any pain issues by a Televisit due to the NJ laws on opioid abuse.
6.) Televisits have limitations in regards to the examinations; therefore we are only using them for minor illness and follow up for established patients.
7.) Televisits will be billed at the same rates of an office visit. They are available for patients whom feel it is more convenient for their life style.
8.) Patients using Televisits are assuming the full cost of a Televisit if their insurance does not cover this type of visit. We highly encourage all patients using this service, to confirm coverage with their insurance prior to using this service.
9.) Only patients established with Doctors Care Associates, LLC may use this unique service.
10.) Patients must have a credit card on file for this service.
11.) If you have any concerns about using our Telemedicine services please notify our office at 908-757-6660.
12.) Televisit are available on are Healow app, just go to our home page to download this app.
13.) Just click on the icon for an appointment, this will bring you to the Healow app.
14.) You must be registered on Healow to get access to the Televisit, If you need help, please call our office at 908-757-6660.

DISCOUNTED Deposit for First Televist is $60 !

15.) We are requesting a $60 deposit on your first Televisit, if you have insurance coverage, your deposit will be refunded upon payment from your medical insurance, however if you have no coverage, expect to be billed for the balance of the allowed amount by your health insurance.  If your insurance denies payment, we will to request a $85 deposit for future visits and follow the same billing procedure, so if your insurance changes, we will automatically find out if your new insurance covers this service.  Once your insurance coverage is confirmed, we will no longer request a deposit, however payment of all co-payment and co-insurance is still required.