At Doctors Care Associates our goal is to provide, compassionate, high quality health care, while maintaining optimal patient satisfaction.  We have certified medical assistants that are dedicated, well trained, eager to help with any of your health care needs or concerns.  We can do a wide range of testing, including EKG’s, pulmonary function, 24 hour holter moniters, vascular studies, screening for Diabetic neuropathy, Critical Care Assessments, Autonomic nerve studies, Pregnancy and Rapid Strep testing, plus much more.  We offer smoking cessation programs including appropriate counseling and follow up management to insure a high success rate.


Family medicine is a specialty dedicated to comprehensive health care management for people of all ages.  Osteopathic medicine encompasses the holistic nature of primary care.  Family physicians provide a wide range of acute, chronic and preventive medical care services, including   diagnosing and the treatment many different illnesses.  They provide preventive care, including routine checkups (Full history and physical exams), health-risk assessments (i.e.,  Cardiac Risks, EKG and pulmonary function), immunization (Flu Shots, Tdap, Pneumonia, Hepatitis, etc.), screening tests (PPD, Lipid Profiles, PAPs), and personalized counseling for anxiety, depression and other life style issues. Family physicians manage chronic illness, as well as, coordinating care provided by other sub-specialists.